About us

After many years of observing goshallas throughout India, it became evident there existed a wide gulf in ways to protect cows. Subsequently, the need for standardization of cow protection came into clear focus. This led to the creation of the Ahimsa Foundation for Cattle Protection (AFFCAP).

AFFCAP is an independent, third party, non-profit organization which certifies goshallas to a basic standard of care and protection. It does so by registering and inspecting goshallas, while keeping records of every animal for life. This undertaking ensures that:
“No animal is being made available, knowingly or unknowingly, for Slaughter”. It is not only those who slaughter the animals who are at fault, but also those who make them available for slaughter.

As revealed in the Manu Samhita.
"...He who gives permission, he who kills the animal, he who sells the slaughtered animal, he who cooks the animal, he who administers the distribution of the flesh, and at last he who eats the flesh are all murderers and all of them are punishable under the law of karma."

The Laws of Manu (5:55)
Anyone who knowingly supports a goshalla that is not properly protecting their animals, by purchasing its dairy products is indirectly implicated in animal slaughter. However, the difficulty is in knowing who is, and who is not, properly protecting their herd. The goshalla may claim they are, but upon closer inspection, we are forced to ask why so many bulls, calves and old animals have gone missing. There are certifying agencies spanning the globe for all types of commodities and purposes, so why not a certification programs to identify the genuine cow protectors? It is essential that a program be established to verify which goshallas are truly caring for their cows.

The fate of the cows cannot rest solely on the word of a goshalla manager, as there are too many instances of abuse and neglect. The need can only be satisfied by an independent third party, who establishes and enforces a standard of cow protection, and is able to document, record and inspect if a goshalla is following correctly. If so, then the goshalla is certified so the public can have confidence they are supporting cow protectors and not cow killers.

That is the main goal of AFFCAP and is why we ask you to support AFFCAP and its members. We are a foundation of cattle protectors designed to ensure a “No Slaughter” policy. The cows deserve no less.