The Ahimsa Foundation for Cattle Protection (AFFCAP) performs independent inspections of goshalas to verify the care and protection of Indian cows. This is done to determine that all animals under their care are provided proper diet and shelter while never being abandoned or sold.

This ensures lifetime protection. This is no small task since India is one of the world’s leading exporters of meat and leather. Goshala oversight is a vital tool to ensure the public that the cows are properly protected.
In order to fulfill this responsibility, the purposes of AFFCAP are:
  • To identify members of society in India committed to improving and promoting the protection of cattle through a Goshala Certification Program, which follows a strict No-Slaughter policy.
  • To develop Go-Sadhans (Cow Sanctuaries) where AFFCAP members may send cattle to live out their natural lives.
  • To illustrate the importance of animal draft as a practical form of transport and essential component of a sustainable society.
  • To encourage, develop and promote village economics by implementing cow protection and animal draft.
  • To promote and develop Ahimsa By-Products (karma-free) made from the milk, urine and gobar of protected cattle, and to educate the public in their use.
  • To maintain and promote pedigree breeds of Deshi cattle in India to increase quality, health and production.

Experience has revealed that many goshalas are financially challenged and the cost of certification only adds to the burden. Even though everyone understands the benefit of certification, it isn’t always clear how individuals may participate.

This is the reasoning behind AFFCAP’s Cow Protection Patron Program. It allows the sharing of both the responsibility and pleasure of protecting India’s cows.
In order to fulfill these purposes, the following programs are being implemented.
  • Certification program
  • Feeding of Cows
  • Health Care local Medical Camps
  • Oxen-powered Rural Electrification
  • Training in vermicomposting production and marketing
  • Development of gosadhans
  • Providing assistance in marketing cow protection products; i.e. cow urine, Chyawanprash, Ayurvedic health products, natural cosmetics, etc.
  • Capital Expenses for goshala projects such as borings, fencing and sheds

Silver Membership

Annual Membership Fee – Rs 6500; $108
Benefits include:
  • Certificate stating that the Bearer is a recognized Protector of Cows. (Silver Frame)
  • A Silver Gift Pack of a cow protection product
  • 80 g Tax Exemption.

Gold Membership

Annual Membership Fee – Rs 12500; US $201
Benefits include:
  • Certificate stating that the Bearer is a recognized Protector of Cows. (Gold Frame)
  • Patron’s name or his Company’s Logo on AFFCAP Website Home page with a link to their website
  • A Gold Gift Pack of cow protection products
  • Membership fee of INR 12500, payable either in a lump sum or by a monthly withdrawal from your bank account
  • 80 g Tax Exemption.

Platinum Membership

Membership Fee – Rs 51000; US $901
Benefits include:
  • Certificate stating that the Bearer is a recognized Protector of Cows (Platinum Frame)
  • Patron’s name or Company Logo on AFFCAP website along with a link to their website.
  • Patron’s name or company name will be placed on hoardings located on National Highways.
  • A Platinum Gift Pack of cow protection products manufactured by an AFFCAP certified goshalla.
  • Membership fee of INR 51000, payable in a lump sum.
  • 80 g Tax Exemption.