Benefits of Goshalla Protection

Why get your cow protection facility (goshalla) certified?

An excerpt from an article written by Maneka Gandhi of People for Animals reveals a challenge which ethical goshallas face as a result of disgraceful activities performed by unscrupulous goshallas. She writes:

The cows in the gaushalas are not any better off. Most of the gaushala managers who have been gifted the land by the government to protect cows, now run them as dairies for their own milk. The Balkeshwar gaushala in Agra has a tie up with butchers who take the non milking cows every month. In Mathura, the home of Krishna and the cows, you cannot find a single calf in any gaushala as they have all been sold because the milk of their mothers is for the gaushala managers.
This article was reproduced on web sites around the world. As a result of this and other articles, the public are aware that not all goshallas are what they seem. Therefore, it has become difficult for true cow protectors to distinguish themselves from charlatans; and for this reason, the goshalla certification program was begun. Some of the benefits of Ahimsa certification are that it provides assurance that your facility is:

  • Committed to cow protection
  • That you are following an accepted nationwide standard of cow care
  • You are a recognized member of the ethical goshalla movement.
  • Guarantees the authenticity of your cow protection program.
  • Provides a network of protected herds to give, sell or trade one’s protected cows.
  • By increasing the public’s faith in ethical goshallas, they are encouraged to provide support to the true cow protector.
  • AFFCAP-certified goshallas are listed on its website as being inspected and certified cruelty-free. This provides inspiration and encouragement to the supporters of the cow protection movement.
  • AFFCAP publicizes its activities and members over the Internet and media resulting in bringing an international community of donors to your doorstep.
  • Certification to a standard is common within many professional and industrial fields and understood by one and all. Certifying a goshalla to a common third-party standard defines it as a true cow protector while adding stability and credibility to the goshalla movement. It is a win-win situation for both goshallas and public concerned about cow protection. If interested, please let us know of your interest by contacting us here: