AFFCAP certification Process

This is a brief introduction to the Ahimsa Foundation for Cattle Protection (AFFCAP) certification process.
AFFCAP has evolved in reaction to some goshallas falling short in their cow protection responsibilities. Some have gone so far as to allow animals to meet their end on a killing floor, or to pass away neglected on the street. India is the world’s 7th largest producer of meat and ranks third in world leather production. As such, AFFCAP’s purpose is to ensure that no ‘protected’ cows, bulls, oxen or calves, from a cow protection goshalla, will ever meet such a horrific end.

As a result, AFFCAP’s inspection and certification program is designed to provide standardization to goshalla programs throughout India, with a goal of providing assurance to the public-at-large, that the inspected goshallas are indeed dedicated to the animals’ lifetime protection.

The process of AFFCAP certification is quite simple.

  • Filling out a Membership Registration Form: -- This is a simple form requesting contact information and an acknowledgement of having read the Cattle Protection Standards and the AFFCAP Rules and Regulations.
  • The Cattle Protection Standards details both acceptable and non-acceptable practices regarding care of the animals.
  • The Rules and Regulations explain the responsibilities and privileges of AFFCAP membership.
  • Upon completion, a Farm Identity code is assigned by AFFCAP for each goshalla.
  • Filling out the Application for Animal Registration: -- This is a short form which provides birth, name and history details for each animal. One of AFFCAP’s primary responsibilities is to keep track of each animal throughout its life, and the Application for Animal Registration provides crucial information enabling us to accomplish the task. Upon registration, an Animal Identification Number is assigned which follows the animal throughout its life. If sold or transferred to another goshalla, a new number is to be given reflecting the new owner’s Farm ID and animal number. The Application for Animal Registration is undertaken only once and need not be repeated each year at renewal.
  • In order to identify each animal, it is required that a tag is attached to the ear. This tag contains the AFFCAP name, Farm ID letters and animal ID number.
  • Inspector Visit: -- Each goshalla is visited by an AFFCAP Inspector in order to validate the information provided on the Inspection Application. He is the “Eyes and Ears” of the Certification Committee.
  • Upon completion, the Inspector writes a report which is sent to the AFFCAP Certification Committee who will decide to issue the Certificate of Compliance, or not.
  • Issuance of Certificate of Compliance: -- Upon reviewing the Inspector’s report and Inspection Application, the Committee decides to issue a Certificate of Compliance, if the goshalla has met the minimum AFFCAP requirements.
  • Thank you for your interest in AFFCAP. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to participate in our Membership Program